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# Lately frequent there were fraud, to avoid such losses please note that the Rumah Tawa Management is responsible only  for the money  which transfered  to our  official bank account, ie

1. Bank Mandiri Branch Buahbatu, account number 1300011141077
2. Bank BNI branch Perintis Kemerdekaan, account number 211 119 4994
3. Bank BCA KCP Burangrang, account number 4381407343
Please Customer does not meet the demand for money transfer to an account other than the above three accounts
More info please see in
Bandung, 11 April 2017
Rumah Tawa Hotel Management


# Since 21 November 2016 we operate Rumah Tawa Guesthouse-2 in Jl.Taman Siswa No. 54 Bandung (only 40 meters away from the Guesthouse-1). Hopefully with three location of the Rumah Tawa will make you easier to obtain accommodations during a stay in Bandung

Naight View-3

# The tree locations of Rumah Tawa


# Now Jl.Asia Africa and Alun-alun Bandung has become tourism objects,  its location only 1 KM away from Rumah Tawa Hotel


# To our loyal customers …… Happy New Year 2016, we are very grateful to you all, because your loyalty has made us growing and able to serve you all better



# Bandung Tour on the Bus (called BANDROS) ….. Before you ride, please chose 1 of 4 track you like (there are 4 tracks namely heritage track, shopping track, history track  and  segmented track)Ticket Bus Rp.10.000/Person ; Start Point at Jl.Cisangkuy (near Gedung Sate) … have a nice trip !!!


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Thanks to Rumah Tawa Taman Siswa, nyaman buangeeet

Ian, Herman, Jodie dan Bani (Seventeen Group Band) ,