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Rumah Tawa is the best of the best
Alhamdulillah, RT Hotel is expressed by the Mayor of Bandung City as ‘best of the best’ Jasmine-2 Hotels period 2007-2013.
Additionally RT also obtain a Special Award for caring to DISABILITIES.
Gratitude and thanks to You God, thank you also to our loyal customers and thank you for the RT Service
Quality Hotel observer. Hopefully all the good things given to get replies God, amen YRA

Weekday 30% Off (Guesthouse) and 20% Off (Hotel)

Weekend 20% Off (Guesthouse) and 10% Off (Hotel)

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Thanks to Rumah Tawa Taman Siswa, nyaman buangeeet

Ian, Herman, Jodie dan Bani (Seventeen Group Band) ,