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Rumah Tawa Culture

Rumah Tawa in providing accommodation services is always working to provide excellent service which is supported by three main pillars (Systems, HR and Facilities). These three main pillars are bound by the value and culture of C & C (Caring & Competence) to become a solid teamwork & agility organization.

Caring and Competence (C&C)  is a Corporate Culture of the RUMAH TAWA.

  • Caring means to be care to the customers, to co-workers, and to public including neighbors of RUMAH TAWA. Caring is an attitude of Silih Asih (to love each other), Silih Asuh (to guide or protect each other) and Silih Asah (to teach each other).
  • Competence means resilient, focus, productive and working professionally to achieve corporate and employee’s objectives . Competence is the attitude of the Fast, Simple and Quality


The Personality of Rumah Tawa as a Syariah Hotel is the B.E.R.A.R.T.I (BErsih – Clean, Rapih – Neat, Aman – Safe, Ramah – Friendly and empaTI – Empathy)

  • Clean: applied to body and soul, as well as rooms, spaces and work-stations, including tools and equipments.
  • Neat: being ordered based on functionality and importance.
  • Secure: always consider the existence and functions of money / goods / equipment / supplies that do not harm or endanger ourselves, neighbors and customers. For example, there are always checking the stove, parked cars, fences, drawers, money, and securing money or property from the thief.
  • Friendly: every employee has a great inner beauty, a sincere smile, happy to help (without prejudice to the honor) for the pleasure of customers, and admonished said or pleasant talk.
  • Empathy: in response to customer complaints or troubles always try to put myself as a customer but without sacrificing our interests




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