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Affordable Hotel in Bandung  (Hotel Murah di Bandung)

Rumah Tawa with minimalist and modern design, is located in 3 locations in Bandung – Indonesia: Rumah Tawa Hotel , and Rumah Tawa Guesthouse-1 and Rumah Tawa Guesthouse-2

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Rumah Tawa Hotel

Jl.Taman Cibunut Selatan No.6 Bandung – 40112, Indonesia (near to Jl.Sumatra and Jl.Veteran), has 16 bedrooms and 1 meeting room.

Rumah Tawa Guesthouse-1

Jl.Taman. Siswa No.63 Bandung – 40262, Indonesia (near to Jl.Burangrang), has 11 bedrooms.

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Rumah Tawa Guesthouse-2

Jl.Taman. Siswa No.54 Bandung – 40262, Indonesia (only  40 meters away from Guesthouse-1)), has 10 bedrooms.

Why you should stay at Rumah Tawa  ?


1.     Located near to the Rumah Tawa there are some Banks, Business Center, Bandung Indah Plaza and Bandung Super Mall . Hotels, Resto, Cafe, FOs, Recreation & Amusement Centers such as TRANS Studio  (see Surrounding Hotel Area)

2.    Our Service Level: to ensure that the towels and sheets and Pillow replaced every day, as well as bedroom and bathroom cleaned every day.

3.     RUMAH TAWA as a hotel has a strong Commitment to maintain Ethical Behavior and very uphold honesty and strive to empathy.  Rumah Tawa is against free sex and other immoral activities, we strictly will not serve those kinds of guest (see Culture pages).



Selama stay di Rumah Tawa Taman Siswa aku dan Ibuku merasa aman dan nyaman, sukses selalu buat Rumah Tawa

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